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Tactical Gear For Security Professionals



2021-09-03 09:48:18




Security services are an ever growing sector in South Africa and good security professionals need great tactical gear. Security plays an essential role in keeping workplaces, shopping malls, banks, and even restaurants safe. Security professionals are hired to serve two main purposes: to protect people and property and to report any incidents back to HQ. Security professionals work in a high risk environment and sometimes having a self-defense weapon isn’t enough. This is why tactical gear is becoming essential for every guard.


Personal protective equipment like vests and radio communication can make all the difference in a lot of dangerous situations. The rate of injuries is on the rise due to violent encounters on the job which means that security professionals need suitable tactical gear in order to protect themselves and others. Safeguard your staff and allow them to perform at their best by equipping them with the very best tactical gear on the market.


Tactical Gear: Vests

Having a ton of security equipment and weaponry is great, but you still need a way to carry it around efficiently. A high-quality tactical vest is the answer. Tactical vests make room for all the gear your guards need to carry while leaving their hands free in order to do their jobs. Your security guards can’t have their hands full and still be expected to stop crime in its tracks. In addition to this tactical vests will protect security professionals from a range of violent incidents such as gunshots, stabbings, or ballistic shrapnel.

Proper tactical gear such as vests provides easy access to other equipment like keys, gloves, flashlights, pepper spray, handcuffs, and whatever else is part of a guard’s everyday carry while simultaneously providing them with life-saving protection. Security professionals that work in high-risk environments, like banks or armored vehicles, should be using armor-piercing ballistic protection or for less high profile guarding work a stab-proof vest will do. Either way, wearing these protective pieces of tactical gear will grant security professionals a much higher level of safety so they can respond to threats more effectively.


Tactical Gear: Radios

Security professionals are often the first line of defence or the ones first on the scene of a facility before calling the police. That’s why having crisp, clear communication is essential. When it comes to tactical gear, radios are a non negotiable. Two-way radios are a great way to keep lines of communication open while working. Not every security situation requires immediate responses from a wide range of staff members, but you never know when something might occur that requires instant communication to enhance public safety.

With security two way radios in hand, security professionals are able to quickly mobilize to respond to threats. Providing your dispatch team with an easy option for rallying the troops makes sure that your staff are where they need to be when they need to be. With security radios, you are able to quickly and efficiently spread the word and you can be confident that the message will be received and heard. By making use of radios security staff are well-equipped to face any type of threat or challenge that is headed their way, and rally the troops when the need arises.


Tactical Gear: Gloves

Hands and range of motion are incredibly important in the security industry. Every piece of tactical gear used requires hands. That's why it's important to keep your staff's hands well protected with a pair of tactical gloves. The right pair of tactical gloves provides important protection against weather, impacts and abrasions. and will go a long way in keeping security professionals safe. Gloves should be dextrous, comfortable and still allow your team to feel their gear as you use it.

Whether they’re being used for duty, combat or shooting, gloves are an essential piece of versatile  tactical gear. They act as an extension of your hands, offering protection, dexterity and tacticality. Fingerless tactical gloves are a prime choice for security professionals. They offer maximum dexterity, allowing users to feel their weapon and ammo while also offering protection around most of the hand. These gloves help with ventilation, preventing a buildup of sweat around the fingers and palms. By equipping your team with the right set of tactical gloves you can be assured that they are safe and are still able to use their weapons and tactical gear quickly and easily.

In the world of security, you can’t take chances. Security professionals never know what they’ll be facing on any given day. Be prepared for any situation by arming your security team with tactical gear that will protect, preserve and allow for instant communication. At Tactical Defence Store we pride ourselves on offering the very best tactical gear for the security sector. Talk to us today and see how we can help you protect your staff, your properties and your business. Contact us on  info@tacticaldefencestore.co.za or +27 10 023 0289 and get kitted out today.


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