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Considerations For Her When Buying A Blank Gun



2022-02-28 10:02:31




Blank guns are becoming one of the most sought-after self defence mechanisms. Many people opt to own these weapons due to their realistic replication of real firearms. Blank guns produce the same sound and give off the same firing appearance as a real gun, but they do not fire live ammunition, making them safer and allowing you to own one without a license.


Blank guns can shoot two different kinds of rounds: the blank bullet, which acts as a deterrent and is often enough to scare off an attacker, and the pepper bullet, which works best within a 6-meter radius and can cause the target to go temporarily blind and causes breathing difficulties.


Blank Guns: A Self Defense Mechanism For Women


As a female in South Africa, one has to be aware of their surroundings, especially in this day and age of crime and safety concerns. Pepper sprays and tasers are often tricky to use in crime-related situations as they require you to be relatively close to your assailant. When it comes to carrying or even owning a gun, this is not an option for many women, and so many turn towards the next best thing, a blank gun.


Once you decide that you will purchase a blank gun, it comes down to choosing which one will best suit your individual needs. There are many stereotypes regarding what kind of blank gun would better serve a female. Most of these come down to females needing to own and handle guns that are small and light enough for their smaller hands and weaker arms. In many cases, this stereotypical idea is incorrect, and the real deciding factor comes down to each woman’s unique situation.


Choosing The Best Blank Gun For You


It is always best to consider all the factors before trying out and purchasing your blank gun. The first and probably the essential aspect to consider is the purpose of your blank gun. Do you plan on keeping it on your person, in your handbag, your car, or for use at home? Next, is, do you want a revolver or a pistol? You can follow these essential questions by the more aesthetic questions of colour and finish, which come down to personal preference and stylization. Below is a look at some of these factors that will help your decision-making process.


The Size:


If you plan to keep your blank gun in your bag, you must be able to remove the weapon without too much hassle. If you are carrying a larger weapon, this becomes problematic. A smaller, more compact version will have a snugger fit in your bag, taking up less space, and you will be able to remove it without too much hassle. This is especially important in self-defence situations where you need to access your weapon quickly and safely.


If you plan on keeping it on your person, a smaller version would also be more beneficial as it will be easier to conceal in your clothing. If you plan on leaving it in your car or your home, you do not need to opt for a smaller edition and can go for something with a bit more of a wow factor.


Another essential aspect you would need to consider when it comes to the size of your chosen blank gun would be the way it fits in your hand. If you have small hands, it will make more sense to purchase a smaller gun so that the handle fits snuggly in your grasp, making usage more manageable. Larger blank guns are more difficult to use if you cannot grasp them properly.


The Weight:


The weight of your blank gun of choice is essential for correct and optimal handling. If your preferred option is too heavy, you will not hold it accurately. This incorrect holding of your blank gun could be detrimental to your safety. Weight also becomes a concern if you conceal your blank gun on your person or carry it around with you in your bag. Additional extra unnecessary weight could add strain to one’s back or arms.


Pistol Or Revolver?


When it comes down to choosing whether you are going to go for a pistol or a revolver, it is not just a question of aesthetics. Yes, these types of blank guns differ in appearance, and some people have preferences between the two. As a female, you should look at the difference in handling each weapon to determine which one suits you best. But one of the vital decision-making aspects is how you load and cock your blank gun.


Pistol’s hold more cartridges in their magazines, and they have both automatic and manual safety options. You load this type of blank gun by inserting the full magazine. You would then need to “rack the slide” to put the first round in the chamber. You can fire away once this is complete until the magazine is empty. The hard part might be for weaker hands when it comes to racking the slide, as depending on which style you go for will depend on how easy or hard it is to complete this process.


Revolvers hold fewer cartridges and are harder to shoot multiple rounds in one go as it typically requires you to pull the trigger back to get the next cartridge into place before firing. Some of these revolvers have harder to pull triggers, making it difficult for those with impaired or weaker finger strength.


Final Thoughts


As a female, as with anyone else, choosing the correct blank gun comes with technicalities. It would be best to consider how you plan to store this weapon, as this will directly relate to what weight, size, and type are best for you. It would be best if you asked and answered these questions before you make an educated decision on which version will best suit you. Before you purchase a blank gun, one last thing is always to try out your preferred choice, making sure that it is the best option for you.


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