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Astega YD21 NEW

Astega YD21

Astega YD21

  • R 7,500.00
  • R 9,500.00

The Astega PCP Rifle is a high-quality air rifle known for its accuracy, power, and advanced features. It utilizes compressed air to propel pellets, ensuring exceptional precision. With a large air reservoir and various calibers available, it offers multiple shots and versatility for different shooting needs. The rifle's adjustable trigger and built-in magazine system enhance the shooting experience. Its design focuses on comfort and ease of use, with synthetic or wood stocks and accessory rails for attachments. Regular maintenance and adherence to safety guidelines are necessary. Overall, the Astega PCP Rifle is a popular choice for shooting enthusiasts and hunters due to its reliability and exceptional performance.The Astega is 780fp on 18gr pellets.

PCP Rifles
Gun Stock
Body Type Rifle

1x-hard carry case

2x-mags,mag holds 10rounds

1x-fill probe