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2021-05-24 13:34:38




For those in the security field, or even for civilians who take their personal safety seriously, protecting your own life is one of the most important responsibilities that you have. With violent crime in South Africa consistently on the increase your personal protection doesn’t begin and end with owning a registered firearm. This is where bulletproof vests come in. It is essential that you never neglect your own personal safety while on the job, or if you are ever in the unfortunate position of needing to be responsible for the personal security of another human being or loved one. As far as equipment is concerned, and apart from your weapon, bulletproof vests will be the only piece of equipment that really stands between your life and death, that stands between coming home safely...or not coming home at all.

Bulletproof vests for better personal and professional safety


It’s no secret that when in battle, body armour is required. Even in the ancient days of swords and arrows, warriors protected themselves with chainmail suits, and it very quickly became apparent that wearing armour was the difference between victory and defeat. Today, both war and the weaponry involved have advanced dramatically, and there are now a host of various firearms that can kill with deadly accuracy.


Due to the ever advancing changes in weaponry and its extended uses, the needs for body protection have also changed. Contemporary bulletproof vests are ultra-light and flexible, but very strong and capable of blunting the damage caused by most bullets, blunt force trauma and other projectiles. To add to that, the use of body armour has expanded to areas other than just the battlefield. These include law enforcement, crime scenes investigations, terrorism response teams, bomb disposal squads, military special operatives, and private security services.


Now, while there may be a certain aura of military mystic surrounding body armour, it is an absolute myth that these life saving items are restricted to military and police only. The truth is that bulletproof vests are readily available for civilians as well, and there are no restrictions stopping you from protecting yourself or your loved ones by purchasing this life saving equipment. In fact, given the horrifying violent crime statistic that we are faced with today, investing in bulletproof vests is one of the best ways to ensure your personal safety.

How bulletproof vests protect against bodily harm


It’s actually very simple. Bulletproof vests save lives. By covering your vital areas i.e hearts, lungs, and other internal organs on both the front and back of the body, bulletproof vests prevent projectiles from penetrating and thus causing life threatening injuries. All modern materials being used to manufacture bullet proof vests make it literally impossible for a ‘bullet’ to penetrate. This means that it will prevent the vest being penetrated by certain types and sizes of bullets travelling up to certain speeds. Subject to their stated protection level, bulletproof vests can offer excellent protection from even the most powerful handguns and ammunition.


Another consideration that is often overlooked, is protection against blunt force trauma. In extreme circumstances, blunt force trauma may result in rupturing of internal organs, severe internal bleeding and death. The thinner the body armour, the more attention that must be paid to protect the wearer from such injury. I am sure you don’t want to see your fancy body armour stop the ‘bullet’… just to die later on in hospital from internal bleeding and other internal injuries.


There are bulletproof vests that are designed to absorb the impact from small firearms, and other vests are designed to withstand attack from larger more aggressive weaponry. It is important to wear a vest that is appropriate for the potential situation you may find yourself in. Buying a bulletproof vest is a serious investment which means that you must carefully weigh many different options when committing to getting a vest. It is vital to choose only the best bulletproof vest and highest quality body armour that will meet all your needs. You can contact us at info@tacticaldefencestore.co.za and our knowledgeable staff can guide you through all the available options and find the one that will work best for your specific needs.


Ultimately it boils down to this - invest in staying alive, invest in bulletproof vests.



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