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Rifle Case Vs. Rifle Bag



2022-09-28 14:09:26




As an air rifle owner or potential owner, you should look into the best way to transport and store your air rifle. When it comes to proper transport and storage of your air rifle, you will want to choose one of two products, either a rifle case or a rifle bag, but which one you choose will depend on your specific requirements. So what are the differences between these two products?


Rifle cases or hard cases are made out of durable plastics or aluminum. They are heavier and costlier and offer more protection and security. Rifle bags or soft cases are made from durable but flexible fabrics such as nylon and are less expensive, lighter, easier to maneuver, and quieter.


Before deciding whether you will go for a rifle case or a rifle bag, it would be best to get a better idea of the pros and cons of each type. This information will make it easier for you to decide which one will suit your unique situation the best, as there is nothing worse than having an excellent rifle bag or case that ultimately doesn’t suit your specific requirements.


Rifle Case Vs. Rifle Bag: What Are The Differences?

Typically, the main reason behind owning a rifle bag or case is to safely store your air rifle, transport it to and from the range, to an event, or carry it when heading out to hunt. For this reason, there are several aspects you should consider before purchasing a storage unit for your air rifle, as you will want to make sure that your chosen one suits your needs.


If you are heading outdoors to hunt, you won’t necessarily need a rifle case. Instead, a rifle bag that can fit all of your gear in it would better suit you. On the other hand, if you are planning on travelling long distances or storing your gun in a not-so-safe location, you might consider getting a tougher, more secure unit, such as a rifle case.


Let’s look at the pros and cons of each material type to aid you in your understanding of the different rifle bags.


Rifle Case

Otherwise known as a hard case, the rifle case is made of durable plastics or aluminum. It will offer its contents more protection than its softer counterpart. The inside of the case is lined with a foam lining, ensuring that your air rifle is secure and preventing it from moving around. This unit is best suited to long-term storage and long-distance transport.


Rifle cases are often exceptionally durable and surprisingly lightweight. Before purchasing one of these cases, you should look for a few things, including ensuring that it is crushproof, watertight, correctly layered with interior lining, and features reinforced locking points and wheels to make transportation easier.


Some of the pros of rifle cases include:

  • They offer more protection;
  • Include locking mechanisms;
  • More secure for transportation due to the interior lining;


Some of the cons of rifle cases include:

  • Cases are often bulkier, heavier, and louder to open or carry;
  • Typically more expensive;


There are many fantastic options for gun cases, but the following two cases are exceptional choices:

  • Aigun Elite – Bullpup Gun Case: This case comes with roller wheels, six clips for extra security, and an air vent for air circulation.
  • Airgun Elite – Gun Case: This case comes with roller wheels, six clips for extra security, an air vent, and 1-side block foam, which you can customise to fit your rifle. It can hold two air rifles or shotguns and has swivel handles.


Rifle Bag

Rifle bags, otherwise known as soft cases, are typically more commonly seen on the market, and several high-quality manufacturers produce these bad boys. They come in various styles and designs, some with extra pockets and others with a more slim-lined appearance. You can get a rifle bag that screams out I’m carrying some firing equipment or one that is more discrete and might look like it contains something else entirely.


Rifle bags are often easier to carry and manage than their harder counterparts, although this softness offers less protection. Don’t let this deter you, as their soft nature and the material the bags are typically manufactured from allow them to provide sufficient protection and ensure quieter usage, which is an ideal factor, particularly for hunters. Some rifle bags are even designed to float or can serve as cushions when not in use.


Before purchasing a rifle bag, you should keep a few aspects in mind, including ensuring that the rifle bag is made out of ripstop fabrics or nylon for durability. The bag has stock or muzzle pockets and an internal tie-down system or integrated rifle retention to secure your gun. It has compression straps, and the case has added extras to make it easier to carry, such as a backpack system or suitable backpack straps.


Some of the pros of rifle bags include:

  • Their lightweight and quiet nature (perfect for hunting trips);
  • Easier to carry;
  • Some are waterproof and designed to float;
  • They can serve a dual purpose, turning into a cushion for hunters’ knees when not in use;


Some of the cons of rifle bags include:

  • They are not as impact-resistant or secure as rifle cases;
  • The gun can shift more easily inside the bag during transport;
  • It does not feature a locking system;


Like their rifle case counterparts, numerous exceptional rifle bags are on the market. The following two cases offer air rifle owners the perfect choice for carrying their guns.

  • Buffel – AR Length Gun Bag: It features a modular design and multiple strap systems for ease of carrying, it is padded and made out of string canvas, and it can double as a shooting rest or matt.
  • Airgun Elite – Rifle Bag: This bag is made of high-quality canvas, has clip-on and off backpack straps, and features multiple storage compartments.


Final Thoughts

Both rifle bags and cases have pros and cons, and when it comes down to deciding whether to use one or the other, the final decision should revolve around the primary use. Will you need a case for long-term storage or long-distance travel, or will you need a bag for ease of use or its quieter nature in hunting situations? It will also depend on our budget as cases are more costly than bags. Hopefully, this information can help you decide which storage option is better.


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