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PCP Airgun vs CO2 Airgun



2021-12-01 10:16:07




The PCP airgun vs CO2 airgun debate can be a hot topic in the air gunning community. In principle, PCP and CO2 airguns operate in a similar manner - they both use containers of compressed air to move a projectile through the barrel of the airgun. There are, however, differences that are worth noting and so we thought we would break down all the nitty gritty PCP airgun vs CO2 airgun info here and let you make up your own mind.

PCP Airgun vs CO2 Airgun: Fundamental Differences

PCP airguns are pneumatically powered. This type of airgun receives its power by being filled from a tank or a high pressure hand pump. An airline is connected to the airgun from the tank or pump and the reservoir on the airgun is filled with pressure. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer strikes a valve allowing a burst of compressed air to propel the pellet out of the barrel.

CO2 airguns use pressurized canisters of carbon dioxide gas to propel pellets instead of compressed air. The canisters are inserted into a chamber. When closed, the canister is pieced, releasing the pressurized gas into the chamber. From there, the firing mechanism is similar to that of a PCP in that a measured amount of Co2 is released each time the trigger is pulled which propels the pellet down the barrel.

PCP Airgun vs CO2 Airgun: Power and Reloading

PCP rifles are generally very powerful and also accurate as a result of their fixed barrel design. Reloading is rapid and essentially noiseless as only air moves at the time of firing. The reservoir can also be left filled so the air rifle can be ready for quick use.

CO2 Airguns have a limit as to how much power they can produce since CO2 has a set vapor pressure of 850 psi at room temperature which is around 25 C or 77 F. CO2. Since the CO2 cylinder holds enough gas to give a series of shots, these air rifles are quick and quiet to reload and require a minimum of movement.

PCP Airgun vs CO2 Airgun: Accuracy

When it comes to accuracy PCP airgun vs CO2 airgun can be a point of contention. There are varying opinions but overall since only air moves when the air rifle is fired these airguns tend to have outstanding accuracy. They also have very little recoil and this lack of movement makes it relatively easy to achieve consistent accuracy when shooting.

While CO2 airguns also have very little recoil and can fire accurately, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to weather conditions. Co2 air rifles are affected by temperature as mentioned above, and will shoot less powerfully in cold environments. This means that accuracy and performance will drop off when shooting in adverse conditions.

PCP Airgun vs CO2 Airgun: Suitability

As we often state on this blog, the best airgun for you depends on how you intend to use it. When it comes to suitability, the underpowered nature of CO2 airguns combined with the easier use of the cartridges make them great for beginning or younger shooters. CO2 airguns can also be much smaller than PCP airguns which makes them a nice alternative for the younger crowd or female airgunners. CO2 airguns are perfect for simple plinking. The much lower cost of the CO2 airguns is great when you just want to set up some can and just have fun. It would be ill advised to use your CO2 airgun for hunting, and that is better left to the PCP rifles.

PCP airguns are ideal for small game hunting and are also a highly effective and cheap method of pest control, especially in environments where a larger weapon or any other form of air rifle would be dangerous. They are compact, accurate, powerful, virtually recoilless, and effective with large caliber pellets. Since they pack a bit more of a punch they are the ideal air rifle to use for more experienced shooters and hunting.


PCP Airgun vs CO2 Airgun: Summary

This decision is sometimes a no-brainer and sometimes it isn’t.  times it is not. CO2 powered airguns can provide decent power and great accuracy but are affected by climate and usage constraints that limit their overall effectiveness. PCP airguns provide the power, accuracy, and ease of shooting but the initial upfront cost can be higher than some airgunners may want to pay. Whether you want an airgun for plinking, competition or hunting, finding the right air rifle for you might take some trial and error before you find your perfect match. If you need guidance on what type of airgun will be best for you, get in touch and chat to us at Tactical Defence Store and we will give you expert advice that will help you make the right choice.


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