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Non Lethal Defence - Pepper Ball Gun



2021-05-24 13:33:21




The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, and doubly so in South Africa. With corruption and unemployment rife, and illegal firearms being readily available on the black market, violent crime and home invasions are worse than they ever have been. We know that it is not always possible for everyone to have a loaded weapon with them at all times, or perhaps you are not licensed to carry and use a firearm, or you may not even feel comfortable handling live weaponry. This is why we at Tactical Defence Store offer a range of non lethal self defense options, and among those is the pragmatic and practical pepper ball gun.


If you don’t want to own a firearm, whether it be because of inconvenience, legal requirements, or the fact that some of us don’t feel well-trained enough to carry, a pepper ball gun can offer a realistic non lethal self defense alternative, so that you don’t have to be totally defenseless in a potentially life threatening situation.

What exactly are pepper ball guns?


One of the many easy to use non lethal options that can help thwart off an attack is a device that emits a pepper based irritant. A pepper ball gun is a defensive weapon that is ideal for reassurance and protection in the event of an assault at home or in public. They are non lethal, are not considered firearms, and reproduce the same sound as their live ammunition counterparts. Less dangerous but just as impressive, they expel pellets filled with pepper spray that rupture on impact.


These handy little non lethal weapons are ideal for immobilizing an aggressive assailant. Offered in various formats, they take the appearance of a defense gun and are used in the same way as a traditional firearm. Simply take aim and pull the trigger to expel the irritant agent. Due to their firearm-like nature they are more accurate than traditional pepper sprays, making it much easier to take aim at the target.


A pepper ball gun is specifically designed to be a safe alternative to a traditional firearm, so that nobody gets killed, including children who might discover the gun and think it's a toy, or a family member that's mistaken for an intruder. They are also a more convenient option to stash on your body while you’re hiking, running or walking your dog, and also offer the convenience of quick access, while launching the projectile away from you, and towards the attacker, so that there is less chance of you getting caught in the blowback. All operated simply and easily.

How do pepper balls work?


Your pepper ball gun will be loaded with pepper balls. These work in the same fashion as paintball pellets but with one key difference - they are filled with pepper spray and not paint. The active compounds in pepper spray are commonly known as capsaicinoids, and collectively they are called OC, which stands for “oleoresin capsicum”. The most important chemical in OC is capsaicin. This is a harsh chemical that is derived from chilli peppers in a chemical process that dissolves and concentrates it into a liquid. Capsaicin is the same compound that makes chilies hot, but once processed it forms an intense, weaponized version of the chemical, rather than a delicious spice for your meal.


The chemical irritants in pepper spray have powerful effects within the first few seconds of being used, incapacitating the target while the substance contained inside causes tearing, burning and irritation of the respiratory tract, skin and eyes. Pepper spray works almost instantly, forcing the eyes to close and flood with tears. Coupled with coughing fits and difficulty breathing, this means the targeted person is effectively blinded, incapacitated and can last anywhere from 15 minutes to more than an hour. Giving you more than enough time to get away from your attacker and to a place of safety.

Defend yourself - legally!


In short, a pepper ball gun is a fantastic way to defend yourself should the need ever arise. You do not need a license and there are many options available. There is no reason you should feel unsafe and undefended while at home, walking around in public, or outdoors. Talk to us, and our friendly and helpful support team will walk you through the best options to suit your needs and budget. Get in touch with us on info@tacticaldefencestore.co.za and take charge of your personal safety today!


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