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Jkhan Sepatia Bullpup - The Most Powerful Air Rifle in South Africa



2021-03-18 21:37:07




While there are a wide variety of air rifles on the market that are fun to shoot at targets, as a rule the performance of most PCP guns in the field typically leaves something to be desired by serious hunters and target shooters. The Jkhan Sepatia Bullpup is one of the exceptions to the norm. It is an extremely accurate and hard-hitting air rifle and a fantastic choice for hunting in the African bush. The .22 caliber Jkhan airgun has all the features serious shooters look for in a .22 caliber air rifle. The Jkhan Sepatia Bullpup provides stellar accuracy with enough power for clean kills and comes with extras often not included with many air guns.

While power is always dependent on the charge in the air tank, the .22 caliber Jkhan Sepatia Bullpup PCP provides up to 60 joules, or 44 Foot pounds, of energy for terminal performance on smaller game. Even at this power the rifle only produces about an 85 decibel output. The Tactical Defence Store provides a muzzle energy calculator on their website to help determine the exact energy output for different weight pellets at various velocities.

The accuracy of the Jkhan Sepatia Bullpup is unsurpassed in the air-gun industry. Thanks to the gun’s rifled barrel, the unique ergonomic friendly bench-rest stock design and crisp two-pound pull rigger assembly, with proper loads and air pressure the rifle is capable of shooting 3.1mm, or 1/8 inch, groups at 100 yards, or 91 meters. With the 180cc air tank completely filled the rifle is capable of firing approximately 40 shots. It is important to note that various weight pellets will have different grouping results at various velocities as determined by the charge in the tank.

Quality Construction
The Jkhan airgun sports an oil-polished walnut stock with laser cut checkering and cheek pad and a fully shrouded 450mm barrel screw cut to half inch UNF that all combine to provide an attractive profile. A 10 shot magazine with a side-lever action using a double loading preventing system and a two-stage fully adjustable, three-position trigger with manual safety provide silky smooth operation. A smaller pistol grip provides for a secure and comfortable grip. The 10 round magazine supplys plenty of follow-up shots without having to stop to reload. An on-board pressure gauge allows you to always know how much air is remaining in the tank.

Included Accessories
With the included moderator, or suppressor, and threaded shroud end the rifle’s sound output drops to a whisper quite 76 decibels. A fill probe, or nipple, is included as well as a 20mm picatinny rail for mounting optics. The rifle comes with two 10-shot magazines. A scope and fill pump are not included in the standard package and must be purchased separately.

Licensing Requirements
As with all the products the Tactical Defence Store sells, the Jkhan airgun does not require a license for purchase or use in South Africa.

Light enough to carry through the brush, but heavy enough to help you stay on target, overall the .22 caliber Jkhan Sepatia Bullpup is a lot of air gun for the money. It is hard hitting yet still quiet enough so as not to spook other game that may be in the area. The Tactical Defence Store operates an online store and brick-and-motor shops in South Africa that have the .22 caliber Jkhan Sepatia Bullpup in stock and also carries a wide assortment of other airguns, blank guns and many other types of tactical equipment.


Foxxy from Kimberley   2024-02-29 22:38:16 / Reply

How much does it cost and how long do your orders take to arrive

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What is the price

Albert from Knysna   2023-11-09 21:22:18 / Reply

Quote please Rifle plus rings plus 3-9 Hawke scope

Pieter from Koingnaas N/C   2022-08-07 22:33:22 / Reply

Interested price please.

Royal from Durban   2022-07-30 04:32:09 / Reply

Please provide quote, including delivery and stock availability on this air rifle please. I'm located at Durban inner Pinetown.

Louis from Swartland, Western Cape   2022-07-29 00:33:51 / Reply

Please forward me quote on the Jkhan Seratia Bullpup air rifle including delivery cost. Please also indicate your different payment requirements

Dave from Sedgefield   2021-12-26 09:11:24 / Reply

Please provide me with a quote incl. courier. Best regards Dave

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Please provide quote and stock availability on this air rifle please

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Please provide me with a quote and availability on rhis rifle please.