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Do I need firearm Training to own a Pepper gun?



2021-11-02 19:35:29



Owning a Pepper Gun does not require you to do any specific training. However, many people still do get training.

What Is A Pepper Gun?

Pepper Guns are air-powered (co2) guns that expel pepper pellets at a target. They are loaded into the pistol with a magazine just like a regular firearm. The pellets disintegrate on impact, releasing a pepper spray irritant that will temporally affect your attacker's ears, nose, eyes and throat, incapacitating them briefly so that you can take further action. It is a highly effective defense pistol. It is easily concealed and can be carried in a purse or handbag. A Pepper Gun is easy to use, and with minimal training, is highly effective.
Is Pepper Gun Training Necessary?
With gun laws being what they are in South Africa, owning a gun license is becoming harder. The red tape alone is enough to put anyone off. A Pepper Gun is a good, effective and affordable alternative. Gone are the days of the side carried pepper spray; the new look and feel of a Pepper Gun are like the real thing. But even a non-lethal firearm in an untrained hand could be detrimental to the user and, in some cases, fatal.
Although Pepper Gun training is not a legal requirement in this country, it will help you in the long run.
Most Pepper Guns are replica firearms; they are weighted and load a magazine. In other words, they look and feel like a real gun.
What Kind of Training Is Suitable For a Pepper Gun?
Many standard firearms courses will be helpful in training with a Pepper Gun.
But they pretty much all teach the same things.
Here are some of the core fundamentals
•       watch your muzzle, keep it pointed away from you at all times; you do not want to spray yourself
•       make sure of your target, be sure of where you want to fire
•        keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire your weapon
•       keep your firearm unloaded until you are ready to use it
•       you are responsible for the safety of the pistol. Do not rely on the pistols safety features
•       learn the mechanics of your pistol so that handling it will become familiar
These simple tips can easily be  applied to a Pepper Gun.
These are the things you learn in the firearms course; training with your pepper gun will help you use the weapon comfortably. A firearms course is designed to give the user confidence to deploy the weapon effectively and correctly with maximum impact. It is important to remember that a Pepper Gun is a valuable weapon, even though it does not require a license, is by no means a toy.
What type of Pepper Gun for me?
As with any regular pistol, it all comes down to comfort in use and functionality.
Some models are constructed with high tech glass polymer and aluminum, from ar15 style replica rifles to copies of your favourite handguns.
To make sure you get the suitable Pepper Gun, I have included some top-rated models below.
CZ-Sp-01 Shadow Co2 Pistol
This is the latest weapon styled on the very popular CZ, which is part of the wonder nine range of 9mm pistols popular with police and military personnel it features;
•       no blow-back
•       ergonomic rubber grip
•       sturdy construction
•       full-size magazine
Bersa Thunder 9 Pro Co2 Pistol 4.5mm
Semi-automatic 4.5mm air gun powered by a 12g co cartridge stored in the grip with an easy load stick magazine, it features;
•       Picatinny accessory rail for a laser sight, add on
•       barrel threaded for a silencer
•       comfortable grip
•       no blow-back
and my personal favourite
Home Defence CO2 Shotgun .68 cal
This is the perfect double barrel home defense Pepper Gun
its large .68 caliber allows for pepper pellets, chalk balls, rubber balls, and paintballs which can be fired individually or with both barrels.
 Key features include
•       .68 caliber
•       99m/s velocity
•       easy pierce co2 chamber
•       Picatinny accessory rail for tactical sights
In conclusion, whether you are looking for a non-lethal alternative to home defense or an easy to carry non-lethal self-defense firearm, look no further than a Pepper Gun. Always bear in mind that these are generally non-lethal weapons, but deaths have occurred, and you as the firearm owner will be held accountable for your actions, get the training and use it responsibly.


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