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How to choose a bulletproof vest or walkie talkie



2021-01-11 12:13:42




Bullet resistant vests are incredibly essential for ensuring an individual's ultimate safety, not only for the modern-day law enforcement officers and agencies but also for hunters and those in need to protect themselves.


As much as these vests protect you from guns, bullet-resistant vests also give protection from slashes, knife stabs, and assaults. Additionally, they provide users with protection from sustaining fatal injuries from blunt force trauma and accidents.


When selecting the best invincible vest or a walkie talkie, it is vital to find one that will meet their demands. If you want this to happen, there are several factors you need to keep in mind.


Ballistic protection

Understanding the amount of ballistic protection a bulletproof vest has should be the first thing. It will determine the extent to which the vest will offer resistance to bullets. Therefore, you should consider choosing a bullet resistance vest that will give exceptional protection against the ammo for your service weapon.


Typically, there are different ballistic protection levels offered to suit different conditions. In other words, the ballistic protection city cops will be quite different than what a hunter needs. Most importantly, always determine the kind of threats to expect and then buy a suitable vest accordingly.


Are there any chances of getting shot while hunting? If yes, find the most suitable bullet-resistant vest. And if there is any chance of getting exposed to sharp objects like knives, go for a stab-resistant vest.


Comfort level

Once you decide on the best ballistic protection level that suits your working conditions, the next thing to consider is your comfort. Essentially, convenience tends to coincide with the ballistic protection abilities. This is to say, the higher the levels of protection an invulnerable vest offers the more thickly and heavier it becomes.


You can get a bullet-resistant vest with as high protection levels as from Level III to A. but, if it becomes too bulky, your comfort levels get compromised, and you would not enjoy wearing it. Be sure to talk and explain to the local supply store what is your bulletproof vest options. Besides, you can consult your friends to understand the kind of vests they are wearing and how they feel in the long run after using them all day.


A good vest should fit perfectly and snugly regarding your body weight, type, and size. It should cover most of your body organs that sit from your navel region to the clavicle. This area is incredibly crucial, and it can be quite risky and life-threatening when you get shot in the torso region.


More importantly, the bullet-resistant vest should not extend beyond the navel. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to bend and even move properly. Plus, the vest's chest area should not be too wide as this will interfere with the movement of your arms.


While these vests tend to have a little impact on giving warmth during cold winter days, it can be uncomfortable to wear them during hot summers. This means that you should go for something you can wear all season round without sacrificing your comfort levels.


Vest's covertness

Covertness gives the vest its ability to blend in and match with your cloth-wear. You can wear it under a shirt and keep it hidden as long as it is perfectly tailored. However, the best way is to put it on the exterior for comfortable taking off and on the bullet-resistant vest.


In such a case, you need to ensure the vest has a matching or similar colour with your uniform. You should not make an attacker realize you are wearing a tactical gear as it can go for exposed body parts like the head.


Cost of the vest

The price of a bullet-resistant vest is yet another essential factor to consider when making selections. While you might be astonished by the high price tags most vests have, that's not always the case. You can find a reasonably-priced ammo-resistant vest, whether from an online store or a local supplier.


However, you should ensure to find the best vest that complies with the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) standards. Besides that, it should provide you with top-notch protection from bullet shots and knife stabs. In other words, always avoid cheaply priced bullet-resistant vests as they just promise you heaven and never do the work aptly.


Furthermore, it is essential to understand that the best bullet-resistant vests have a five-year service lifespan. In fact, it can work longer than the stated lifespan. Thus, ensure you buy wisely and put on every day for your hunting activities and duty calls.


That said, choosing the best bulletproof vest is exceptionally vital for your safety. With the above well-explained factors, you can be sure to get a ballistic protection level vest to suit your needs to the utmost satisfaction. Find your best bullet-resistant vest at the Tactical Defence Store in South Africa at an affordable price today.


Walkie talkies are also excellent two-way radio communication devices you need for your hunting, duty sessions, and other activities. They allow for easy communication between two or more individuals within a specified range. While they are designed to enhance efficient conversation, there are various factors to keep in mind.



In most cases, the achievable range relies on the available environmental conditions. In regions with a dense population, it can facilitate communication to a range of up to 3km. Whereas in rural areas the maximum range expected is 5km. This is with good and acceptable voice quality. Under normal conditions, it can cover a maximum range of 10km. The big issue is understanding the kind of environment you'll need to use the walkie talkie and choose one that meets your desires.



Regardless of how robust and top-quality appearance a walkie talkie has, always shy away from cheap gadgets. They usually have an incredibly lower range and poor voice quality. For your outdoor activities, be sure to look out for high-quality devices for reliable and flawless performance.


Power supply

Since these devices are battery-powered, you need to choose one that won't give you headaches looking for power on a low battery. For this case, one with a replaceable or rechargeable battery can be the best option. However, understand the lifespan of the batteries fitted in these devices for convenient and reliable operation. More importantly, consider a unit whose power supply is readily available.


Final words

Buying tactical gear is never an easy task. It calls for adequate and keen considerations to find the perfect unit that suits your demands. With the above buying guides, you can find it relatively easy to make apt and well-informed decisions when buying a bullet-resistant vest or walkie talkies.


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