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Benefits Of Owning A Self Defence Blank Gun



2021-10-04 10:24:15




If you're interested in owning a blank gun and not sure if it's worth it, this blog is for you. We answer the most common questions and provide in-depth information on the benefits of owning a self-defence blank gun.

A self-defense blank gun is a realistic replica gun that fires specialised blank cartridges to intimidate an intruder or attacker. It is important to note that these guns are not toys; they load and fire like a real firearm. The blank gun is a last resort in a dangerous situation. A self defense blank gun is a non-lethal weapon that fires a blank cartridge when you pull the trigger. The blank shot is very loud, as loud regular gun with a visible muzzle flash. Blank guns are also used in training to get people used to how a real firearm looks and shoots.




Why A Self Defence Gun and Not A Real Gun


The main difference between a self-defence blank gun and a real gun is the lack of a firing pin. The firing pin is a spring-loaded pin at the back of a gun that strikes the primer.


    • A self-defence blank gun is a non-lethal weapon.

    • It's a very effective product to use if you live in an area with strict firearm laws.

    • They are also a less expensive way to arm yourself.

    • Self defence blank guns are not classified as lethal firearms, so they do not require the same licensing and permits as a real gun .


      Self defence blank guns are a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones against a crime. If you have a self defence blank gun, you can scare off a potential attacker without hurting them.


Types Of Ammunition For A Self Defence Blank Gun

Specific ammunition is designed to be fired out of a blank replica gun. The primary use would be for self-defence. It has no bullet and is non-lethal.  Blank guns can fire many specialised rounds to deter your attacker, these include ;


    • Flash ammunition; this kind of cartridge produces a meter sized fireball, do not aim at anyone it could burn or injure at close range.

    • Pepper rounds: this ammunition contains the same ingredient found in pepper spray, irritating the eyes, ears, nose and throat of an attacker.

    • CS Cartridges (chlorbenzalmlondinitrile) is the gas irritant found in tear gas; when fired, it causes excessive tears coughing and inability to breath

Pyrotechnic cartridges are available. These are made to be fired out of special launchers which are attached to the barrel of your gun                 


It is always good to remember that Blank Guns are for self-defence and should never be fired at someone at close range.


Choosing the Right Self Defence Blank Gun For You


·     Decide on the type of weapon you would like, whether it be a semi-automatic or a revolver.

·     Select a weapon that is suitable for your needs, a small, single-stack, easily concealable weapon, a compact revolver, or a double stack full-size handgun,

·     Choose the suitable material for your gun. Whether it be metal or polymer, the weight of your firearm will determine if you are comfortable in holding and firing your weapon when the time comes.

·      Always buy a gun from a reputable Blank Gun Supplier to avoid guns that have a rattle when shaken.


The Law With Regards To A Blank Gun


The South African Explosives act does not require you to have a permit or licence to buy a Self Defence Blank Gun.

However, you must be older than 18, and you are restricted to buying a hundred rounds of ammunition at a time.

The barrel of a Blank Gun is machined to a taper and cannot fire actual cartridges.

In the eyes of the law, if you aim or fire your gun at someone, you will be liable for prosecution.

If carried in public, the same concealment laws as a real pistol do apply.

 A self-defence blank gun is not a toy, it is used to discourage an intruder or attacker and buy you time to get away or call the authorities.

The ammunition is sold by authorised dealers who have licences to sell this ammunition, the sale of the ammunition is recorded, and a copy of that record is sent to the police.

If you try to modify your weapon, not only are you endangering yourself, you can be prosecuted under the firearms control act.

A Self Defence Blank Gun is considered harmless and an excellent affordable alternative for a real firearm



Ricky from Tzaneen limpopo   2023-06-28 08:58:32 / Reply

I like the comments since I own one myself an I always carry it so wasn't sure if the police stop me they can I can be arrested dankie

Rusty from Cape Town   2021-11-22 10:00:49 / Reply

Thanks for this. This is very helpful seeing that there are a lot of controversy around owning a blank gun. Not everyone knows that a blank gun is actually a pepper gun used for self defense. Just the sound of it scares away attackers and I’m very sure that attackers won’t stand there and ask you if your weapon is a blank gun. So I like the term, ‘PEPPER GUN’ to blanks gun. Thanks so much