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The Best Rangefinders and Scopes for Hunting



2021-01-20 09:54:08




The latest rifle scopes and rangefinders are more advanced than ever. With so many brands, features and pricing, you may be wondering which device is right for you. Below we have listed out the best rangefinders and scopes available for your hunting needs.



Rangefinders have come a long way since their arrival in hunting almost 3 decades ago. When looking for a rangefinder, it should offer two major things: great magnification and the aiming point should be easy to hold on target. If hunting with a rifle, a rangefinder with an extended range of 914m/1,000yds or more will be needed to obtain an accurate shot. See below for our top two choices.


Hawke Laser Rangefinder 1500 High O-LED/6 x 21

This rangefinder has a fully multi-coated optics system with BK-7 prisms for brighter, clearer images. The OLED display is well lit and easy to read. With 6x the magnification and adjustable dioptre(-420ft/140m at 1000yds). It can measure range distances of up to 1500m/1640yds. Also, it can adapt to different conditions with five modes, hunting, rain, standard, angle and horizontal distance. More features include:


  • Auto shut off
  • CR2 battery
  • Nitrogen purged/Fog and Water proof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 2 year warranty


Hawke Vantage Laser Rangefinder 600 LCD


With a range distance of 600m/656yds, this lightweight and compact Hawke Optics rangefinder has a 6x magnification power and adjustable dioptre. This rangefinder has 5 modes: distance, horizontal distance, angle, rain and hunt. Much like the one listed above, the main differences are in display and range distance. Other features include:


  • BK-7 Prisms, Fully multi-coated optical system
  • High light transmission/True Colour Optics
  • Wide Angle Optical System
  • LCD Display
  • Auto Shut off/Battery Save
  • 2 year warranty


Rifle Scopes

Scopes for rifles have become extremely advanced and capable of allowing shots at extreme distances. Aiming through a red dot sight or scope helps those with vision issues, those first learning to shoot and reaching targets at greater distances. Below we have listed out the best scopes available for hunting.


Hawke Sidewinder/6-24 x 56/FFP Half Mil

There's so much to say about this high performance rifle scope that features H5 Optics. This scope showcases an 18 layer fully multi-coated lens made of high grade dispersion crown glass, an ultra wide 24 degree angle POV and precision locking turrets(1/10 MRAD clicks). See below for more.


  • Length: 14.3"/363mm
  • Weight: 27.3oz/775g
  • 30mm monotube chassis
  • Side Focus and fast focus eyebell with a lock ring
  • Illumination
  • High volume eye box
  • Zoom magnification throw lever(removable)
  • Multi-LED high intensity reticle


Hawke Vantage 30 WA/SF 6-24 x 50 Half Mil Dot IR Reticle

All Vantage rifle scopes boast the H2 optics system. The IR models, such as this one, feature etched precision glass reticles that offer multi-stage red and green illumination. This scope also has the following:


  • Length: 15.4"/390mm
  • Weight: 26.3oz/745g
  • Exposed locking turrets
  • Wide Angle
  • 11 layer coated lenses
  • Fast focus eyebell and side focus
  • 10x Half mil dot reticle


Hawke Frontier 30 1-6 x 24/Single Focal Plane(Tactical)

The Hawke Frontier tactical IR rifle scope has a 21 layer fully multi-coated/6x ratio optics and an aluminum 30mm mono-tube chassis. It features long eye relief, etched glass reticle and red illumination. Other features of this scope are:


  • Length: 11.1"/283mm
  • Weight: 18.1oz/514g
  • 6 levels of brightness with off positions in between
  • Removable zoom lever
  • 1/10 MRAD exposed locking turrets
  • CR2032 Battery


At the Tactical Defence Store you can find the above scopes and rangefinders for sale. They also have other Hawke Optics models such as the Vantage fast mount 3-9x50(AO Mil and Mil Dot) and the Vantage fast mount 4x32(Mil Dot). All Hawke Optics rangefinders and scopes are supported by a 2 year warranty and each one is nitrogen purged, shockproof, waterproof and fog proof.


Other brands such as Titanium, Discovery and Alpha are carried at Tactical Defence as well. Each brand has their own unique features and capabilities. Some of the models available are:



  • Titanium Beta 6-24 X 44 Sigle Focal Plane
  • Titanium Gamma 3-12 X 44



  • Discovery 6-24 X 50SF
  • Discovery 4-16 X 50
  • Discovery VT-2 3-12 X 44
  • Discovery VT-R 4-16 X 42 SFIR



  • Alpha 16 x 44


Optical sighting devices are a great addition to help with hunting. Whether you are a novice shooter and just learning how to shoot or you have been at the sport for quite some time, a rangefinder or rifle scope can make a world of difference. Due to the magnification, light transmission, eye relief and more, optical devices eliminate frustration and allow for accurate, cleaner shots. Visit Tactical Defence Store to find scopes and rangefinders for sale and pick the one that is right for you.


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