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The Top 6 Best Airguns for Hunting in the African Bush



2020-12-17 13:04:41




Brief Breakdown of Air Rifles


Airguns are used for a variety of purposes but are mostly used for hunting. The Tactical Defence Store offers a wide array of guns that come with different perks. A reliable brand to start with would be Daystate because it is an internationally known brand that sells a plethora of defense products.


To help you decide on what air rifles you should look into, this article will go over six promising ones that are worth your time. They are specially curated to help hunt for animals in the African Bush and come from a store that is local and understands what kind of equipment is needed to hunt local animals.


Characteristics of a Quality Hunting Air Rifles


When doing your research, don’t forget to look for specific qualities that are pertinent for owning a reliable gun for hunting. A few key details that matter includes the power of the gun, its shot count, the quietness of the gun, and the gun’s weight.


The power can range anywhere from .177 to .30 calibers. It is a very important part of the design of an air rifle because that is how much impact it will have on the animals being hunted. Your decision must be based on what kind of animal you are hunting. The shot count is important because you will need a gun with a low shot count but a strong power for large animals. You will need the opposite for smaller animals. Small animals always require a higher shot count. You always want your gun to be quiet and lightweight if you want to be discrete. If your gun is loud, you can always use a muzzle to adjust to your desired silencer.

Top 6 Airguns for Hunting


  1. Red Wolf Safari .22 Cal
  2. Red Wolf High Power
  3. Pulsar Laminate Forester
  4. Renegade HR
  5. Huntsman Regal Regulated
  6. Wolverine R .22 Cal


Red Wolf Safari .22 Cal


This gun utilizes the latest and greatest technology to date. This is the first Daystate gun that will be mentioned and the rest of the ones on the list belong under this same brand name. Interestingly enough, the power of this air rifle has been heightened by about twenty percent. It was designed for both left-handed and right-handed individuals who are looking for a gun that has a great fit and can be regulated digitally. It has a higher performance than most air rifles. A special detail is that it has a texture to it that mimics the texture of wood.


Red Wolf High Power


This is a higher-level version of the previous Red Wolf. It has a different design to it and has sleek red lines on it. The components look like they are the same but this version has greater power than the previous one. This is a great option for those who have some experience with air rifles and want to take it to the next level. This is a newer model that is perfect for those who like to stay on top of their hunting game–literally. This will give you some strong leverage over the animals that you are hunting.


Pulsar Laminate Forester


This gun has a larger surface area than

 the other ones. It is very close to being the best hunting airgun out of them all because it is not only ambidextrous but it also comes with an electronic trigger. It has one of the best systems in place to make sure that the user has full control over the rifle and can adjust its blade position accordingly. It also has some sensitivity to it to allow further manipulation in courtesy of the user. It uses MCT technology and is also digitally regulated to maintain a high shot count.


Renegade HR



The Renegade HR is a separately new creation that stands out from the other air rifle. It has a smooth design that harbors all of its impressive technology. It features controlled air metering to ensure that the empower of each shot is consistently the same. It comes with an adjustable butt pad and a forend accessory rail to name a few components. It also features an auto-loading magazine that holds ten shots. It comes already charged and is ready to be used.


Huntsman Regal Regulated


The unique design of the Huntsman Regal Regulated air rifle is something that can’t go unnoticed. It has a body that looks like it is made completely out of wood. This could be a great detail to have if you are trying to camouflage into the trees. The Huntsman line of air rifles is promising and quite popular. This particular model is a classic air rifle that resembles an English hunting gun. It features a lightweight design that was engineered to create a sturdy experience that brings together wood and metal.


Wolverine R .22 Cal


The Wolverine R. .22 Caliber air rifle has a darker wood style to it than the bright wood that consisted of the Huntsman Regal Regulated rifle’s design. It is slightly curved in its design and is seemingly lightweight. That makes it perfect for maneuvering around the African Bush. It is about 30 feet long and has side lever cocking.




Make sure to refer to the qualities of good airguns when looking to invest in one. It is important that you consider what your goals are before choosing the best hunting airgun for you. You can always create a list of key aspects you want your rifle to have and check them off as you are actively searching. Air-based hunting rifles have been growing in demand internationally and the Tactical Defence Store is a great place for you to shop. It is an exciting experience to own a gun and it liberates you when you take that first shot at a game.


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