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7 Top Blank Gun Accessories To Enhance Your Blank Gun Experience



2023-12-04 09:33:18




Blank guns have become increasingly popular in South Africa as non-lethal alternatives for personal defence and recreational activities. With their realistic appearance and loud noise, they offer a deterrent effect without the risks associated with live ammunition. This deterrent is especially handy in the current South African climate.  

As with all guns, whether lethal or non-lethal, knowing all the handy accessories you can get for them is a bonus. To help you in your blank gun accessories quest, we will explore what blank guns are and why people choose them over other non-lethal weapons. We will also highlight the top seven accessories available in South Africa to optimize your blank gun experience.


What Are Blank Guns?

So, first off, let’s start with the basics. What is a blank gun? Blank guns, often referred to as starter pistols or blank-firing guns represent a unique category of firearms designed to discharge blank cartridges. These cartridges contain gunpowder but lack a projectile, resulting in a distinctive loud bang and a realistic recoil.

Widely employed in various settings, including theatrical performances, sports events, and self-defence training, blank guns provide a safe alternative to live firearms. The absence of a projectile makes them particularly suitable for scenarios where a firearm’s visual and audible aspects are essential without the need for actual projectiles.


Why Do People Opt To Carry Blanks Instead Of Other Non-Lethal Weapons?

Why do people prefer blank guns over other non-lethal options? Well, it’s a mix of things that make them stand out. First, these guns look real, like those in movies. That realistic appearance can make someone thinking of causing trouble stop and think twice—it’s like having a fake security camera that still scares away potential intruders. Plus, when you shoot a blank, it makes a loud noise. Imagine the sound of fireworks or a car backfiring – startling and can make someone back off. So, it’s like having a double-layered defence without the actual danger.

Another big reason is that blank guns are legal in South Africa. Unlike other non-lethal gadgets, you won’t get in trouble for having one. This factor makes them more widely accepted and easier to get. The fact that they’re legal means more people can use them and gives a feeling of safety and legitimacy. It’s like having the law on your side when you choose a blank gun for self-defence.


7 Top Blank Gun Accessories

As blank guns gain popularity in South Africa for personal defence and recreational use, enthusiasts are keen to enhance their experience with various accessories. These additions contribute to the functionality of blank guns and play a crucial role in ensuring preparedness and safety. Let’s look at seven of the top blank gun accessories.


1. Extra Bullets

Having an abundance of extra bullets is vital when aiming for a comprehensive blank gun experience. Whether engaging in regular practice, intensive training sessions, or simply enjoying recreational shooting, additional blank cartridges ensure you’re always prepared for any scenario. This accessory offers convenience and instils confidence in handling various situations effectively.


2. Spare Magazine

A spare magazine becomes an invaluable asset when quick reloading is paramount. This practical accessory ensures seamless transitions during self-defence or competitive events. A readily available spare magazine lets you maintain control and readiness without interruption, adding an extra layer of efficiency to your shooting sessions.


3. Gun Holsters

Secure and comfortable carrying is a fundamental aspect of the blank gun experience. A dedicated gun holster designed for blank guns ensures safe and practical transportation, whether on your person or vehicle. Choose a holster that aligns with your preferences, ensuring that it can provide quick and easy access to your firearm when needed while prioritizing safety and convenience.

There are numerous options for holsters, including concealed carry, hip, or leg holsters, to name a few. You even have the opportunity to include a spare magazine holster.


4. Tactical Vest

For those seeking an elevated level of preparedness, a tactical vest designed to accommodate blank gun accessories is a must-have. These vests offer additional storage for extra bullets, spare magazines, and other essentials. By staying organized and ready for any situation, a tactical vest becomes an integral part of your blank gun setup, providing functionality and a tactical advantage.


5. Gun Cleaning Kit

Maintenance is vital to optimal blank gun performance. A dedicated gun cleaning kit lets you keep your firearm in top condition, ensuring reliable functionality. Regular cleaning of your blank gun not only extends the lifespan of your firearm but also contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable shooting experience, making this accessory an essential part of your overall setup.


6. Trigger Lock

Safety should always be a top priority in firearm ownership. A trigger lock adds an extra layer of security when your blank gun is not in use, preventing unauthorized access and minimizing the risk of mishaps. Invest in a reliable trigger lock designed for your specific model to ensure responsible firearm ownership and peace of mind.


7. Speed Loader

In scenarios where time is of the essence, a speed loader proves to be a valuable accessory. This addition lets you reload your blank gun quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime in competitive shooting or self-defence situations. Elevate your shooting experience with a speed loader designed for your blank gun model, adding a practical edge to your overall setup.


Final Thoughts

In South Africa, blank guns provide a legal and effective means of personal defence and recreation. To enhance your blank gun experience, invest in quality accessories such as extra bullets, spare magazines, gun holsters, tactical vests, gun cleaning kits, trigger locks, and speed loaders. These accessories improve functionality and create a safer and more enjoyable shooting experience.

Explore the options available at the Tactical Defence Store to customize and optimize your blank gun setup today. If you want to chat about these options and what might suit your setup best, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Stay safe, stay prepared, and enjoy the benefits of non-lethal self-defence with blank gun accessories.



Jakkals from Tshwane   2024-02-01 15:18:33 / Reply

Does the pistol show a hollow silinder if you look at it from the front? In other words, a flashlight isnt going to show a cross member which give away the truth as being a "claps" gun