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3 Ways To Fill Your PCP Airgun With Compressor, Hand Pump, And Scuba Tank



2023-01-23 08:50:26




PCP airguns are the big daddies of the airgun genre, especially regarding accuracy and power. These airguns differ from their single-pump counterparts as they use compressed pre-charged air allowing them to shoot multiple shots before you need to refill them. One central question is, how do you fill your PCP airgun?


There are three main ways to fill your PCP airguns: compressor, hand pump, or scuba tank. The most cost-effective and most time-consuming way is with a simple hand pump. The scuba tank is the most practical option. Finally, the compressor is the quickest, most expensive, but most reliable option.


Before you purchase your PCP airgun, you should consider which method you will use to fill it. It’s best to get your filling gadget at the same time. Deciding whether you will go for an air gun with compressor, hand pump, or scuba tank is a fundamental part of your pre-purchasing decision-making process. To help you make this decision, we will examine each filling method’s pros and cons.


Filling A PCP Airgun

Before we discuss the different ways you can fill your PCP airguns tank, we should first look at what a PCP airgun is. All guns require energy to propel their projectiles. Some use co2 gas, others use springs, and some use compressed air. A PCP or Pre-Charged Pneumatic airgun uses compressed air to perform this task.


The PCP airgun features a reservoir attached to the gun where the compressed air is stored. This compressed air allows PCP users to fire off multiple shots before they run out of energy and need to refill the reservoir again, which is where the refilling options come into play.


So without further adieu, let’s look at the three ways you can fill a PCP airgun.


Filling An Airgun With A High-Pressure Hand Pump

First, let me explain that you can’t just use your average bicycle hand pump to fill your PCP airgun. Instead, you will need to invest in a high-pressure hand pump designed for use on airguns. Second, even though these hand pumps are specifically for filling airguns, that doesn’t mean using one of these babies to fill your gun reservoir is easy.


Hand pumps are the most labour-intensive option. On average, your airgun will need approximately 3000 psi to run correctly. With a hand pump, you can expect to pump it around ten times to raise the pressure in the reservoir to about 100 psi.


Meaning getting it to the required 3000 psi will take some time. Not only will it take time, but it will also take mass/weight. If you weigh anything below 90kg, you might not even be able to pump it enough to make it past the 2400 – 2500 psi mark.


However, if you have the required mass/weight and don’t mind the extra bit of time and energy you need to fill your airguns reservoir with this method, the hand pump is an excellent choice as it is the least expensive and most self-sufficient option.


If you want a good hand pump option, the following option will work wonders for you:

  • TDS high-pressure PCP hand pump – This hand pump can pump to 4500 psi/ 310 bar. It features a 20” flexible micro-bore hose, moisture filters, a quick-connect hose with female coupling, an integral manometer, and a test plug to test for leaks.


Filling An Airgun With A 3000+ Psi Compressor

If you are looking for the most practical way to fill your air gun, then a compressor is your best choice. An air gun with compressor package deal is what most air gunner’s go for, primarily if you reside in an area that does not have an easily accessible bottle filling station.


These days air gun manufacturers are going for higher fill pressures, with some guns featuring reservoirs that fill to 4500 psi. The great thing about this is that it gives gunners more power or the option of firing more shots per fill. The downside is that you will need something to meet the filing requirements. You don’t need to worry if you have a portable compressor, as they are up to the task.


As with most things, there is a downside to the air gun with compressor setup: compressors require an electricity supply for them to work. Some options have a solution that allows them to connect to your car battery which will remove this downside. Compressors can also be loud when turned on and are relatively expensive, although prices are slowly decreasing.


There is a range of different types of compressors, and the following are three options:


Filling An Airgun With A Scuba Tank

The great thing about scuba or other tanks specifically designed for airguns is that they are super handy, easily transportable, don’t rely on electricity, and will fill your reservoir faster than a compressor or a hand pump.


The downside is that they carry a finite amount of air, and once that air gets depleted, you will need to take it to a scuba-filling station, or you will need to fill it yourself with a compressor.


Overall, this option works best with the air gun with compressor package. Here you can fill your tank at home with your compressor and take it with you on your adventure for the day, filling your airguns reservoir when needed and then refilling your tank when you get to a place where you can use your compressor again, like your car or house.


An excellent tank option would be the following:

  • SEFIC Carbon Fiber Air Tank 6.8L – This ultra-lightweight tank is easy to use and transport. It is pre-fitted with a fill-station valve and is the perfect option for PCP rifles and compressed air paintball markers.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to filling your PCP airgun, you will need to decide on what is the best option for you for ease of use and cost-effectiveness. The high-pressure hand pump is excellently cost-effective and allows you to be self-sufficient without needing an electrical supply or refilling station.


The air gun with compressor package is the most practical way to refill your PCP airgun. Although you will need an electrical supply or a 12v car battery, it is also rather expensive for an initial purchase. The SCUBA tank is another great option. Easy to carry with you and don’t rely on electricity. Although they will run out of air eventually, you will need to find a filling station or fill it with a compressor.


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